In Gratitude Day 5


Isaac George 

I had to mention this actually, after connecting on Facebook and through my own readings, I sought out Isaac’s astrological and intuitive insight last year about what seemed an insurmountable house issue. Everything in the recorded session was so helpful and accurate pertaining to several areas of my life, but in particular the slightly unusual advice to utilise a Neptunian approach to finding a new home! (Neptune is the planet symbolising glamour, dreams, intuition, illusion, intoxicants, spirituality; among other things). Initially I was boggled by this, but at my sixth frustrated consecutive house viewing along with dozens of other applicants where everyone was competing to come across as the most professional, boring, reliable tenants; I decided to go hell for leather with Isaac’s advice and rocked up to a viewing in a faux-fur coat, offered a tarot reading on the spot to the prospective landlord, and talked stream of consciousness on our mutual love of red wine, Antonio Banderas, thick incense, crystals and lucid dreams while the reliable and sensible other applicants stared in horror. Bam – I was instantly offered the house. Brand new, nicely furnished, for way under my expected rent cost. This funny experience demonstrates how powerful and useful a perceptive astrologer can be – never in my life would I have considered that approach otherwise in finding a house but a little insight into a certain supportive energy and suddenly everything fell perfectly into place.


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